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Meet Robert

Author Robert U. Montgomery loves nature and teaching. Those passions are reflected in most of his works, including Who Let the Bugs Out?, an illustrated children's book, and Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: Growing up with Nature. Additional titles include Pippa's Journey: Tail-Wagging Tales of Rescue Dogs, and Under the Bed: Tales From an Innocent Childhood.

The award-winning author's short stories and nature photos have been published in both adult and children's publications, including Boy's Life. He also has written three books about fishing and an eco-thriller novel,
Revenge of the Wolf. Montgomery lives in the Missouri Ozarks with his rescue dog Pippa.
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My latest release

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"Who Let the Bugs Out?" is a fun-packed mystery for young readers, with incredible illustrations that make the story even more enjoyable. Bobby and his friends are afraid that they are going to be in big trouble with his parents because someone turned loose about a gazillion fireflies in his bedroom.

"Who Let the Bugs Out?" is perfect for you if enjoy:

  • Playing outside
  • Having adventures
  • Solving mysteries
  • Exploring nature
  • Learning about animals

More of my Books

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My Blog

Nature was my first love, and time has not diminished the passion.

Nature also was my teacher. From her, I learned about love and loyalty, life and death, kindness and compassion. And, yes, the birds and bees.

My books, both fiction and non-fiction, are a tribute to my first love and mentor. Read them and you will know me. Read them and, I hope, you will learn, laugh, cry, and maybe even wax nostalgic about your own time spent in the outdoors, especially as a child. Read them and, I hope, you will be inspired to spent more time in nature.

And take your kids along. Youngsters in today's world are more in need of that introduction than any of generations past.

Share my books with them too, especially
Who Let the Bugs Out?, which I wrote especially for young readers.

My Photography

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