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Who Let the Dinosaurs Out?

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Who Let the Dinosaurs Out? is a fun-packed mystery for young readers, with eye-popping illustrations that make the story even more enjoyable.
While out exploring, Bobby and his friends discover dinosaurs!
The friends, also known as The Four Musketeers, think that the reptiles "look like little T-Rexes." They manage to catch two and take them back to Bobby's house. There, they hide them in the garage. They want to keep their discovery a secret until they can set up a "dinosaur show." They plan to charge admission and get rich!
But Bobby's little sister, Missy, is a big snoop and an expert at getting the boys in trouble. Uh, oh, did she see the dinosaurs? Will she tell their parents?
The next morning, the gang discovers that the dinosaurs are gone!
Someone let the dinosaurs out! But who?

Nourishing the Soul

In Nourishing the Soul--- the Real Value of Meals on Wheels, author Robert U. Montgomery documents how it improves life emotionally, spiritually, and even physically for volunteers, as well as recipients.

Ninety-five-year-old volunteer Dorothy Gouin provided the inspiration for this book, and she is profiled in Part I. "Some might say she’s a legacy," said Cher Robinson, director of the center where Dorothy volunteers. "She’s been here approximately 19 years, helping, guiding, teaching, listening, and most of all loving all who have met her. I believe Dorothy is an angel."
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Who Let the Bugs Out?

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"Who Let the Bugs Out?" is a fun-packed mystery for young readers, with incredible illustrations that make the story even more enjoyable. Bobby and his friends are afraid that they are going to be in big trouble with his parents because someone turned loose about a gazillion fireflies in his bedroom.

Have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do? Bobby, Benny, Matt, and Carl, also known as The Four Musketeers, are sure they will be blamed for the fireflies' escape at Bobby's sleepover. They are all scared that the punishment may even mean being grounded for the rest of the summer! That would be awful because they love playing outside.

"Who Let the Bugs Out?"
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Kickin' Bass

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Kick back and learn how to kick bass with Robert U. Montgomery's latest how-to book about fishing for all species of black bass.

The long-time Senior Writer of B.A.S.S. Publications shares the best tips and strategies he learned from pros, guides, and other experts, as well as his own experiences fishing North America' best bass waters.

This valuable information will help you catch -and care for- more and larger bass almost anywhere you fish.

Under the Bed

As young children we were certain a monster lived under the bed, waiting to nibble our bare toes. Another monster lurked inside the closet after dark. This book is about that time in our lives—but not about the monsters. The essays in Under the Bed refer to the bittersweet loss of innocence that occurs as we grow up. Collectively, this book of essays is a celebration of childhood innocence; a mixture of nostalgia and humor.
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Pippa's Journey

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When award- winning outdoors writer Robert Montgomery was ready for another canine companion following the death of his beloved Ursa, he went to a no-kill shelter to adopt a pup. None were available. Saddened, he almost went home empty-handed. Instead, he decided to take a chance. He chose a medium-size, mixed breed dog who spent the first two years of her life at the shelter and seemed destined to live out her days there.

Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies

In Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: Growing Up with Nature, award-winning outdoors writer Robert Montgomery and 13 friends explore what and how we learn about life from the everyday miracles of nature. Each story celebrates the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from the outdoors These tales encourage us to sleep in a tent, swim in a lake, blow the fluff off a dandelion, and wish on a falling star. Invest enough time and a butterfly might land on your nose, or a hummingbird on your finger. You might see an eagle soar or a double rainbow splashed across the western sky at dawn. Read this book to a child! Take it with you on a hike, a fishing excursion, or camping trip. The essays and short stories will inspire you to enjoy the natural world, even if you don’t know a cricket from a cricket frog.
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Why We Fish

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Why do we fish? Humorous and fascinating stories by ten experienced fishermen (and women) answer that question. We hook fish; they hook us. It’s that simple. Yet, the subject is deeper than it appears. Nationally recognized fishing writer Robert U. Montgomery began pondering this about 20 years ago, when he realized how fishing helped him survive the death of his best friends. Robert discovered that we fish to remember, and we fish to forget. We fish when we’re happy, and when we’re sad. We fish to bond with friends and family, or to be alone. Whatever our motivation, no matter where we are on the success spectrum, fishing makes our lives better in ways we never could have imagined.

Better Bass Fishing

In addition to how-to information, it reveals secrets for becoming a better bass angler through scientific knowledge on bass biology and the effects of weather, as well as helpful logistical instruction on equipment and techniques. Better Bass Fishing encourages a thoughtful approach to fishing and the realization that success is tied to more than just using the right bait.
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Revenge of the Wolf

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A child is dragged kicking and screaming into the wilderness. Livestock is brutally butchered. Pets vanish without a trace. Something is terrorizing Parkland. That “something” is a pack of wolves, residents believe. The most persecuted and misunderstood animals in history, wolves had not lived in this area of Missouri for more than a century. But just a few weeks before Christmas, they are back.

Love letters to the Women in my life

In writing letters to the women in his life, the author chronicles his growth from shy, abused child to happy, confident adult. As he does so, he provides a rare and intimate look at male-female relationships from a man's point of view.
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